Hands On Tips

We want to make sure we are selecting the best candidate for each available position. To do this we want to find out about you, first through your resume and then, if selected, the interview process. Below are tips that we believe are important.


Pick the job that is the best fit for you as a whole person.

  •  Check to see if you can be passionate about our desired future and purpose. Our vision and mission will tell you where we are going and how we intend to get there.
  •  Dig deep to see if our guiding principles align. We live by our six core values and expect our people to as well. Make sure they resonate with you.
  •  Does the job fit your skills and personality? Be honest about the skills you have demonstrated and the how enjoyable you will likely find the work to be.

If all of these check out positively, move forward and APPLY!


Highlight where you see yourself fitting in and help us see the match.

  •  Introduce yourself, your work experience and where you saw our posting.
  •  Ensure relevant work experience is up-to-date.
  •  Highlight customer service experience; this is definitely an asset.
  •  Format as a PDF or Microsoft Word and not as an outside link. WPS and ODT files are sometimes difficult to open and may change your formatting.
  •  Be concise and keep to preferably 1-2 pages.

If we are interested in learning more about you, we will call you shortly for an INTERVIEW!


Interview us while we interview you so that you have a clear picture of what you are committing to.

  •  Research The Glencoe; we like to hear what applicants know about us.
  •  Arrive on time. Map out the location and plan for weather and traffic. Remember The Glencoe has two locations; our Downtown Club and our Golf Course.
  •  If you cannot make the interview please call to let us know.
  •  Showcase who you are and come prepared to tell us about yourself.
  •  We use a lot of behaviour descriptive interview questions. Be prepared to draw on past experience from work or school.
  •  Ask questions; think about why you want this job. We want to make sure you know about us and make sure there is a mutual fit.