Indoor Pool

Up to your eyeballs

The Glencoe indoor pool is 25 meters and it holds 180,000 gallons of water.

Golf Course

Walking The Talk

In 2016, members played 52,000 rounds of golf.
Based on playing 18 holes, that means our members walked 295,880km through our course.


Tee'd Off

On average, golfers at The Glencoe Golf & Country Club will go through roughly 115,000 tees in a year!

The Glencoe Club

The Glencoe Club is Calgary’s premier private sports and social club providing programs and services for all members of the family. Since 1931, The Glencoe Club has been nestled between the beautiful communities of Mount Royal and Elbow Park in southwest Calgary. The Club is committed to creating extraordinary experiences for the communities we serve.

The Glencoe Golf & Country Club

Imagine coming to work every day to a beautiful golf course, nestled in the picturesque Elbow River Valley overlooking the spectacular Rocky Mountains. Accessible from Highway #8 West, we offer a fun and respectful work environment in a lush setting. We have staged a number of prestigious golf tournaments and claim PGA Champion status. You will have the opportunity to meet great people and enjoy a wonderful experience as part of our dynamic team.